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ENGLISH LAWNS is Vancouver’s lawn installation expert. We have specialized in providing great new lawns for more than 20 years all over the lower mainland, whether you are doing new construction and need a turf installer or your old lawn needs to be replaced, our expert team can offer you unsurpassed quality, professional workmanship, and a range of options to suite your budget and timeline.

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What We Offer

  • Excavation and Re-Grading: Do you have inadequate topsoil under your grass, poorly draining growing medium or problems with the slope of your lawn? We can fix these problems to ensure your grass has a proper environment where it can flourish.

  • Topsoil Installation: The most important factor for topsoil in the lower mainland is drainability due to the heavy amounts of rain we get. Lawns are usually installed on a growing medium with a composition of 50% sand premixed 50%composted organics for a well draining environmentally sustainable soil, Unless there are other environmental factors such as a steep slope that should hold water, this is usually our first recommendation, but here are many products to choose from, and we can steer you in the right direction for soil composition required by your individual environmental factors. A depth of 6 inches is recommended, but if you are replacing an old lawn and have decent soil underneath, usually it is unnecessary to replace it, but simply add to it.

  • Lawn Drainage: Excess standing water can be very detrimental to a lawn, be it increased wear and tear, encouraging disease and fungus, PH imbalance, or simply drowning. In problem areas where water is trapped, and has no place to naturally drain away, a subterranean lawn drainage system can solve the problem Sometimes having a 6 inch well draining growing medium is not enough to remove the water from the surface in a timely fashion. We can custom design and install a drainage system to solve your standing water problems if necessary.

  • Grass Installation: Once you have your growing medium ready, it is time for the grass. Turf, sod or hydroseeding can be installed once the final grading, compacting and fertilizing is complete, with precision techniques to achieve the size and shape required.
  • Turf or Seed: A new lawn from either turfgrass or seed has its advantages and disadvantages. Turf is great because it is an instant lawn, and is established much more quickly and than seed, and can take traffic sooner. Seed however is more economical, and better in shadier situations. All grass needs sunlight to stay healthy, but turf is grown in open fields and becomes accustomed to full sunlight, and once transplanted to a shadier area, it goes through much more shock than seed germinated in the conditions it will stay, even with the same grass variety.”There are many varieties and blends of grass types available for both turf and seed, and we can pick the best for your needs, taking into account the specific environmental factors on your property.
  • Artificial Grass: If you have an area that is too shady for real grass to grow, or are interested in a low maintenance option than a conventional lawn, artificial grass may be for you. We have a range of products that we can install for you, be it pet orientated, a putting green, or a simple hassle free artificial lawn.
  • Pavers: Add an aesthetic touch to your exteriors with a wide range from pavers from English Lawns. We offer pavers that will stand the test of time, despite temperature extremes, de-icing salts, loads and heavy footfall and more.

English Lawns has the expertise and knowledge to do your job right the first time, on time and on budget, from a simple patching job to total landscaping.

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